Northwest Niblets (Cool little things you may have missed this week)

  • First off, hurry and grab one of the last spots for Hungry Taurus’ awesome vegan bike tour of New Westminster, BC, on Saturday the 17th. As of 4:00 today there were only three spots left, so don’t dilly-dally!

  • If you miss out on the bike tour, or if you didn’t get enough of a Portland fix with VidaVeganCon, you should hit Portland’s VegFest on 9/17 and 9/18. Only $6 (or $5 with online coupon), and full of great speakers, food, and information.

  • FORKS OVER KNIVES is now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth checking out. You could even host a little movie night!

  • Love fresh produce from the farmers’ market? Hate watching it go bad before you use it? Here are some good tips on how to store things for maximum life (Tweeted by Queen Anne Farmers Market. They’re missing my favorite produce tip, though: keep your mushrooms in a paper bag inside an airtight container (I use a plastic bag, but refrigerator glass would be good, too). That way, they don’t get dry or slimy.

  • Don’t you hate it when that nearby pizza place your friends rave about doesn’t offer vegan cheese? Here’s a way to change that! Check out this site for tools to connect those non-vegan-friendly pizza joints with free samples of Daiya cheese.

  • The TNT did a nice little round-up of vegetarian dining in Tacoma, including some places I went on my recent trip and some I didn’t make it to.
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