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Butternut Squash Enchiladas

A couple weeks ago PCC tweeted this recipe from the Detroit Free Press for “Enchiladas Calabaza.” Here’s my tweaked and veganized version of it, which turned out great. It made a lot (the original recipe calls for WAY more squash … Continue reading

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Dining Vegan in Portland: Portobello’s new brunch, and getting down to Brass Tacks

My recent whirlwind 24-hour trip to Portland with Jud left precious little time to do all the eating we wanted to do, but in addition to lots of snacking, we managed to hit two restaurants that were new to me … Continue reading

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Portland’s Vegan Street of Dreams: Alberta

Last weekend Jud and I visited my sister and her boyfriend (both vegan) for some serious vegan food tourism in Portland. Even though I get down there a couple times a year and try to hit new places each time, … Continue reading

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The lip-balm low-down

Don’t you hate carefully seeking out a vegan lip balm–and paying good money for it–only to discover that it sucks? I certainly do, and because I care for you, dear readers, I’m going to try to help you avoid this … Continue reading

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Sutra: When local foods get put to their highest use

When Sutra opened in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood in 2008, it was clear I needed to get myself there to check it out. Creative, gourmet, vegan food with a strong emphasis on local ingredients, sourced directly from farmers and foragers? Could … Continue reading

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Chipotle-Peach Barbecue Sauce

Last summer, just as I maxed out my patience and storage space for canning, I threw together some produce I had for dinner into a chunky peach barbecue sauce, baked onto tempeh. It was so good I vowed to make … Continue reading

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Jodee’s Raw Desserts: Delicious decadence in Greenlake

I learned about Jodee’s Raw Desserts, as with so many good things around Seattle, from a blog post on Vegan Score. Annika nailed her write-up and also paid more attention to things other than the samples I was swooning over, … Continue reading

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Autumn White Lasagna

What with all the autumnal weather and winter squashes on sale, it seems high time for lots of warm, filling, comforting food. I said “acorn squash”; Jud said “lasagna?” and we were off. Served with Jud’s signature roasted-beet salad with … Continue reading

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