Jodee’s Raw Desserts: Delicious decadence in Greenlake

I learned about Jodee’s Raw Desserts, as with so many good things around Seattle, from a blog post on Vegan Score.

Annika nailed her write-up and also paid more attention to things other than the samples I was swooning over, so I’ll leave you in her capable hands for the details. I will simply add that the four different pies I tasted yesterday (three were only tastes, I swear!) were all phenomenal, and I’ll give you some more pictures to look at to encourage you to go try these delights for yourself.

All those options made for some tough decisions. Overall, my favorite was the tiramisu (top right).

Chocolate-cherry pie: Deep and rich chocolate and cherry flavors, with juicy pieces of cherry studding the creaminess. The fork somehow makes this slice look tiny. Trust me, with this kind of richness it was plenty of dessert.

Pecan praline pie: Super rich and somehow even buttery-tasting, not to mention gorgeous. I enjoyed bites of this, but I think a whole piece might have been a bit too sweet for me.

The fourth pie I tasted was the “Autumn pie” (bottom center of the case above), which included pumpkin and pumpkin-pie seasonings, and was delicious. Next time I’m going after that key lime.

If you’re in Capitol Hill, you can also get Jodee’s desserts at Cafe Kanape or at Central Co-op’s Madison Market, and if you’re a member of Vegetarians of Washington, your membership card will get you a 15% discount in the Greenlake location.

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