Free Web design!

Clearly, blogging has not been a priority for me lately. Part of the reason is that I’m in the midst of making a big change in my life: this spring I left my job at The Seattle Times, and I’m now a full-time student, exploring classes in the areas of web design and programming to see what I want to focus on for my next act.

This quarter I’m taking Introduction to Web Design, and our final project is building a website for a client. 

That’s where you come in!

Do you or someone you know need a simple, straightforward website by June 20? Is “free” the price you’re looking for?

If so, please let me know!

Unfortunately, I can’t show you a portfolio of work since this project will be the beginning of that portfolio. This Northwest Herbivore blog just uses a simple WordPress template, so as it is now it’s not a good example of anything but a rough idea of my aesthetics.

Some things to note:

  • I’m posting this here and promoting the post in the vegan community because I’d love to use this opportunity to help a fledgling vegan business at no cost. However, the subject matter doesn’t have to be anything vegan related.
  • If you need advanced features like integrated e-commerce or password-protected content, I’m not (yet) your person.
  • My project is due June 20, so you can be confident that you’ll have a functional website by then (but probably not much before). The flip side of that is that I’ll need to rely on you to provide desired features, content and feedback in a timely way so that I can meet my deadlines.
  • This is a learning process for me, and I expect it will be for you, also. If you like the results and want to keep using the site, it’s yours to use. If not, I can either continue to work with you until you have what you want, or leave you to work with a different designer.

Please leave a comment here, send me an email or find me on Twitter if you’re interested or have a lead I should check out.




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2 Responses to Free Web design!

  1. Hi Rhean,
    I have just sen in the process of finding someone else do re-do an existing website. So I am interested. Right now I am at

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