After 15 years of being vegan in the Pacific Northwest (minus a year in Germany, where I really came to appreciate how good we have it here) I wanted to pull together some of the things that make eating vegan so enjoyable in this part of the world.

I love to cook and bake, love to shop for ingredients at our bounty of farmers’ markets, love to return to favorite restaurants and discover new places, and love talking to fellow vegans or vegan-curious folks about all of those things. So here we are!

On this site you’ll find tips on where to eat out, recipes for your own kitchen, news items that affect our region and other resources to help you take advantage of all the PNW has to offer. Geographically, I’ll focus primarily on points between Vancouver, BC, and Portland, but I’ll venture east and west (and possibly north and south) from there whenever I find things worth sharing. You’ll probably notice a bit of a bias towards Seattle, since I’ve lived here for nine years and know it best. I’m counting on those of you elsewhere, though, to let me know about gems I should share in your neck of the woods.

Please drop me a line in the comments or via northwestherbivore at gmail if you have feedback, tips or questions.



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  1. mareth curtis warren says:

    Rhean, I love your blog! I just found it. I am in Comox with Mihkai et al and just talked to your mother. I realized I hadn’t seen you on facebook in a while so googled you and here is this wonderful blog! I am going to try some of your recipes! Thanks, A. Mareth

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